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"Many thanks for the superb vinyl, the covers look like they have just left the shop, which is amazing considering some are 35 years old. The communication, packaging and dispatch were all first class, I would have no hesitation in recommending your selection to anyone. Audiophiles and vinyl junkies this is the place to shop". Nic, Newcastle.

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The Music Room - vinyl LPs

All my LPs were bought new by myself and have been carefully looked after in a non smoking environment. All come with a FREE protective plastic sleeve, and most have plastic lined inner sleeves to keep the vinyl in excellent condition and avoid scratches.
LPs are despatched in purpose-made card mailers with card stiffener to provide excellent protection in the post.
UK postage is £2.25 for first LP, £1.25p for each additional LP.
Postage to Europe is £4.25 for first LP, £1.50p for each additional LP.
Postage to Rest of World is £6.25 for first LP, £1.75p for each additional LP.
All European and Rest of World rates are for Airmail. Postage on Double LPs add £1.

BUYING: If interested in an item, please email me first to check its still in stock. I'll then send information about payment options. Buyers from overseas will need to pay by Paypal.

ABBA Arrival ex/ex £2
AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap ex/ex SOLD
AC/DC Blow Up Your Video ex/ex SOLD
ALCATRAZZ No Parole From Rock n Roll ex/ex £3
ALICE COOPER Schools Out ex/ex SOLD
ALICE COOPER Billion Dollar Babies gatefold sleeve with banknote etc ex/ex SOLD
ALICE COOPER Welcome to my Nightmare USA import pressing ex/ex £5
ALICE COOPER Zipper Catches Skin ex/ex SOLD
ALICE COOPER Raise Your Fist and Yell ex/ex SOLD
RUSS BALLARD Into the Fire ex/ex £2
RUSS BALLARD Winning ex/ex £2
BE BOP DELUXE Futurama ex/ex £2.50
BE BOP DELUXE Sunburst Finish 'Fame' reissue ex/ex £2.50
BE BOP DELUXE Modern Music ex/ex £3
BE BOP DELUXE Drastic Plastic ex/ex £3
PAT BENATAR Get Nervous ex/ex £2.50
PAT BENATAR 7 the Hard Way ex/ex £2.50
BERLIN Count Three and Pray ex/ex £3
BIG COUNTRY The Crossing ex/ex £3
BLACK SABBATH Never Say Die ex/ex £2.50
BLONDIE Parallel Lines ex/ex £2.50
DAVID BOWIE Lodger gatefold sleeve ex/ex £2
DAVID BOWIE Scary Monsters.. ex/ex £3
CAMEL Mirage USA import pressing ex/ex £3
CAMEL Moonmadness gatefold sleeve ex/ex £2.50
CAMEL Raindances ex/ex £2.50
CAMEL Breathless ex/ex £2.50
CAMEL I Can See Your House From Here ex/ex £2.50
PHIL COLLINS Face Value ex/ex £2
DEEP PURPLE Fireball ex/ex £2.50
DEEP PURPLE Made in Japan Double live album ex/ex SOLD
The DICTATORS Go Girl Crazy Autographed by guitarist Ross The Boss vg/ex £5
DOCTOR and the MEDICS Laughing at the Pieces ex/ex £3
DOCTOR and the MEDICS I Keep Thinking It’s Tuesday ex/ex £3
FLEETWOOD MAC Rumours ex/ex £2.50
LITA FORD Lita Solo LP from ex Runaways guitarist ex/ex £2.50
GAMMA Gamma 1 Band formed by ex Montrose guitarist - US import pressing ex/ex £3
GENESIS Seconds Out Double album ex/ex £4.50
GENESIS Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Double album ex/ex £4.50
GENESIS And Then There Were Three gatefold sleeve ex/ex £2.50
G-FORCE G-Force Band formed by guitarist Gary Moore - includes free patch ex/ex £4
GILLAN Future Shock gatefold sleeve with booklet ex/ex £4
GILLAN Magic gatefold sleeve ex/ex £3
DEBBIE HARRY Rockbird ex/ex £3
HUMAN LEAGUE Travelogue ex/ex £2.50
JOE PERRY PROJECT Let the Music do the Talking Solo LP from Aerosmith guitarist ex/ex £4
JUDAS PRIEST Stained Class ex/ex £2.50
KILLING JOKE Night Time ex/ex £2.50
KILLING JOKE Outside The Gate ex/ex £2.50
LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin nr mint/nr mint SOLD
Led Zeppelin II gatefold sleeve ex/nr mint SOLD
Presence gatefold sleeve ex/nr mint £3
LORDS of the NEW CHURCH Method To Our Madness ex/ex £3
LENE LOVICH Stateless ex/ex £2.50
LENE LOVICH No Mans Land Limited clear vinyl ex/ex £5
MAGNUM Magnum II ex/ex £2
MAGNUM Marauder ex/ex £2
MEAT LOAF Bat out of Hell ex/ex £2.50
GARY MOORE Back on the Streets ex/ex £2.50
NEW MODEL ARMY The Ghost of Cain ex/ex £3
NEW ORDER Low Life ex/ex £2.50
NEW ORDER Brotherhood ex/ex £2.50
TED NUGENT & the AMBOY DUKES Call of the Wild US import ex/ex £4
TED NUGENT & the AMBOY DUKES Tooth Fang and Claw US import ex/ex £4
MIKE OLDFIELD Tubular Bells ex/vg £2
The PASSIONS Michael and Miranda ex/ex SOLD
ROBERT PLANT Pictures at Eleven ex/ex £2.50
ROBERT PLANT Shaken n Stirred ex/ex £2.50
PRETENDERS Learning to Crawl ex/ex £2.50
PROPAGANDA 1234 ex/ex £3
QUEEN Queen II gatefold sleeve ex/ex £3
SLADE Alive gatefold sleeve ex/ex SOLD
SLADE Slayed ex/ex £2
SLADE Sladest ex/ex SOLD
SLADE In Flame ex/ex £3
SLADE We’ll Bring the House Down Rockin 1980 comeback album ex/ex £3
SLADE Til Deaf Do Us Part ex/ex £2.50
SLADE Slade On Stage ex/ex £2.50
GRACE SLICK Dreams Solo LP from Jefferson Airplane/Starship vocalist ex/ex £2.50
GRACE SLICK Welcome to the Wrecking Ball gatefold sleeve ex/ex £2.50
SOFT CELL Non Stop Erotic Cabaret ex/ex SOLD
SOFT CELL Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing ex/ex £2
SOFT CELL This Last Night in Sodom ex/ex £4
SOUNDTRACK Rocky Horror Picture Show ex/ex £2.50
SOUNDTRACK Who Framed Roger Rabbit ex/ex £3
SPARKS Number One in Heaven ex/ex £3
STYX The Grand Illusion ex/ex £2.50
STYX Pieces of Eight Limited clear vinyl, gatefold sleeve ex/vg £4
ROGER TAYLOR Fun in Space 1st solo LP from Queen drummer ex/ex £3
THIN LIZZY Live and Dangerous Classic double live album ex/ex £4
THIN LIZZY Black Rose ex/ex £3
U2 War ex/ex SOLD
U2 The Unforgettable Fire ex/ex SOLD
URIAH HEEP The Magicians Birthday gatefold sleeve ex/ex SOLD
URIAH HEEP Abominog ex/ex £2.50
URIAH HEEP Head First ex/ex £2
VAN HALEN Diver Down ex/ex £2
YES Fragile gatefold sleeve ex/ex £2.50
YES Going for the One gatefold sleeve ex/ex £2.50
YES Drama gatefold sleeve ex/ex £2.50

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