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Doctor Who - books
Target novelisations now all sold. Coming soon, miscellaneous quiz books etc, Virgin New Adventures and BBC novels.
UK postage is £1.65 for first book, 60p for each additional book. Payments can be made by cheque, postal order or Paypal - please email me first with a list of the items you are interested in. I do post overseas, please contact me for postage rates if interested.

Published from 1991 to 1997 (when the BBC took back the licence - New Adventures carried on for a couple more years with spin-off character Bernice Summerfield). A number of now well known Who authors cut their teeth here, including new tv series writers Paul Cornell, Gareth Roberts and league of Gentlemen's Mark Gatiss. Most of the novels are described as near mint, but are as close to mint as you're likely to find (no creased spines here!)

Timewyrm - Genesys John Peel Near mint £3.00
Timewyrm - Exodus Terrance Dicks Near mint £3.00
Timewyrm - Apocalypse Nigel Robinson Near mint £3.00
Timewyrm - Revelation Paul Cornell Near mint SOLD
Cat's Cradle - Time's Crucible Marc Platt Near mint £3.00
Cat's Cradle - Warhead Andrew Cartmel Near mint £3.00
Cat's Cradle - Witch Mark Andrew Hunt Near mint £3.00
Nightshade Mark Gatiss Near mint £4.00
Transit Ben Aaronovitch Near mint £2.75
The Highest Science Gareth Roberts Near mint £3.50
The Pit Neil Penswick Near mint £2.75
Deceit Peter Darvill-Evans Near mint £2.75
Lucifer Rising Andy Lane & Jim Mortimore Near mint £2.75
White Darkness David A McIntee Excellent (inside covers yellowed) £2.00
Shadowmind Christopher Bulis Near mint £2.75
Birthright Nigel Robinson Near mint £2.75
The Dimension Riders Daniel Blyth Near mint £2.75
Conundrum Steve Lyons Near mint £2.75
No Future Paul Cornell Near mint £4.00
Tragedy Day Gareth Roberts Near mint £4.00
Legacy Gary Russell Near mint £3.50
Theatre of War Justin Richards Excellent £2.75
All-Consuming Fire Andy Lane Near mint £2.75
Blood Harvest Terrance Dicks Near mint £3.50
Strange England Simon Messingham Near mint £3.00
First Frontier David A McIntee Near mint £3.00
St Anthony's Fire Mark Gatiss Excellent £3.50
Falls The Shadow Daniel O'Mahony Near mint £2.75
Parasite Jim Mortimore Excellent £2.50
Warlock Andrew Cartmel Near mint £2.75
Set Piece Kate Orman Near mint £3.00
Infinite Requiem Daniel Blythe Near mint £2.75
Sanctuary David A McIntee Near mint £2.75
Human Nature Paul Cornell Near mint (signed copy) £15.00
Original Sin Andy Lane Near mint £2.75
Sky Pirates! Dave Stone Near mint £2.75
Zamper Gareth Roberts Very good (cover creased) £1.75
Toy Soldiers Paul Leonard Excellent £2.50
Head Games Steve Lyons Near mint £2.75
The Also People Ben Aaronovitch Excellent £2.50
Shakedown Terrance Dicks Excellent (slight cover crease) £2.50
Warchild Andrew Cartmel Near mint £2.75
Sleepy Kate Orman Excellent £2.75
Death and Diplomacy Dave Stone Excellent (slight cover crease) £2.50
Bad Therapy Matthew Jones Very good (slight cover creases) £5.00
The Room With No Doors Kate Orman Very good (cover lightly creased/scuffed) SOLD
Return of the Living Dad Kate Orman Excellent £7.95

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